Glitter Bath Fizzies Starter Kit


Beginners’ Choice

Bath fizzies are fun & loving product that leaves your skin supple and moist.
A perfect skin-conditioning essential to soak your feet/body.
What is better than to enjoy the process of making them with your loved ones?
This Starter-kit provides you with all the materials you need.
Choose your own fragrance/essential oils to create your personalised scent
and have an enjoyable experience!

*Note: Please state your Essential Oil & Colour Choice in the comment box when you checkout.
*Colour Choice is only limited to Red, Blue & Green.
*Essential Oil: Bergamot Ivory Coast/ Ylang Ylang Madagascar/ Lavender French Alpine
[For more information on their scents & benefits please see the product description below]


8oz of Sodium Bicarbonate
4oz of Citric Acid
2oz of Maizena
2x 30ml of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
5ml of Fragrance Oil
10ml of Glitter
1ml of Essential Oil
21g of Food Colouring Gel
4x 6cm plastic round molds
A pair of gloves
Instruction Manual

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Product Description

Sodium Bicarbonate

1. It has anti-septic & anti-inflammatory properties,
Balancing skin’s PH value to maintain even & clear skin.

2. It has anti-bacterial agents that allows it to act as a natural
Deodorizer that helps to treat mild to severe odors

3. It has anti-inflammatory properties that calms skin rashes & itchiness


Citric Acid

1. It helps to restrict Melanin production which is responsible for skin blemishes.

2. Contains alpha-hydroxy Acid (AHA) which exfoliates the skin & unclog pores.

3. It has natural anti-oxident to prevent signs of aging.



1. It has VITAMIN B1 AND B2 to protect skin from aging & promotes healthy skin.

2. It has VITAMIN A properties for uneven skintone.

3. Acts as a natural exfoliant to remove dirt & impurities for glowing complexion.

4. It has VITAMIN E, preventing skin from UV damage and reduce skin redness.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It has the highest nutitional value because they undergone the least amount
of processing.
It contains natural antioxidants like VITAMIN A & E that penetrates deep into
skin providing moisture as well as a shield to protect your skin from damages.


Essential Oils Benefit

Lavender French Alpine

It has a floral, sweet and herbaceous scent.

It is a wonderful antidepressant, useful in treating depression, anxiety,
anger and phobias. Lavender is also a great remedy for headaches and migraines,
and also cleanses, detoxifies and stimulates lymphatic flow. It can help slow a
rapid heart beat, ease muscular pains and aches and sooth menstrual cramps.

A great support oil for bronchitis, sinusitis, throat infections and coughs.
Awonderful tissue regenerator helping with many skin conditions, eczema,
psoriasis, cuts, and scars.

Bergamot Ivory Coast

It has a fresh citrus, slightly spicy aroma.

It is very uplifting and balancing, helping to alleviate anxiety, depression, fear
and listlessness, and encourages a restful sleep.

Bergamot works as an antiseptic, and helps fight against colds, flu,
urinary tract infections, respiratory and mouth infections.
It is also helpful in alleviating varicose veins.
Plus, it helps to control and balance the appetite.

Ylang Ylang Madagascar

A Rich fragrant oil that is sedative and seductive.
Ylang ylang oil has a wonderful sweet, floral and warm scent that eases anxiety
and fear, as well as encourages a sense of confidence and peace.

It uplifts the mood and relaxes the central nervous system, which makes it a
good inhalation for depression, panic and shock.
Ylang ylang essential oil is great for the skin as it has a balancing effect on sebum
making it a good choice for all skin types. It is also used for acne, insect bites,
a dry scalp and for possibly aiding new hair growth.
Ylang ylang also helps slow down rapid breathing when inhaled.



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